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Traffic control

Here at APS we have a fleet of traffic control vehicles equipped for any job big or small. We are able to handle anything from major intersection to small side streets. Safety is our number one priority and always will be. 

What We do


  • Certified Flaggers

  • Arrow Boards, signs & Cones

  • Lane closures

  • Night time closures

  • Comprehensive traffic control plans


  • Ensure environment safety

  • Organization to traffic flow

  • Awareness for crew on road

  • Prevents accidents


  • Certified Traffic Control Operators

  • Day or night work certifications

  • Equipped for day or night work

  • Weekly safety sessions

  • Intensive training process

lane closures

Service calls on public roadways will be provisioned with standard signs, cones and equipment to allow for dealing with up to four directions of traffic to maintain safety and minimize risk.

Night time

Safety, quality and productivity come first. We follow best practices for nighttime service work such as Class 3 reflective clothing, flaggers and traffic control devices.

Arrow Boards

Each traffic control truck has mounted arrow boards to keep workers safe and keep traffic moving with built-out traffic control plans and lane closures.

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